Success Stories

  • Buttercup Christmas


    Buttercup, a young Welsh pony, was rescued on Easter Sunday after being brutally attacked by dogs. Her owner was not able to tend to her extensive wounds which required cleaning several times a day, as well as, several courses of antibiotics. She was near death when we picked her up. It took months of individualized care for Buttercup to fully recover. Now, she is "in charge" of her herd, consisting of 7 large horses at her forever home. The photo of Buttercup that has been on the website depicting her wounds has been updated. This is Buttercup this past Christmas. Her owners enjoy dressing her up as much as she enjoys eating. Her nickname is Butterball!

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  • Midnight


    Midnight, a young stallion, came to SRER after being abandoned by his owners. He had been locked in a shed for almost 3 weeks when we rescued him. Upon arrival, Midnight was covered with lice and was a challenge to handle (kicking and biting at times). We suspect that he never learned manners from other horses as he lived a life of solitude. We had him gelded and vaccinated. Fortunately, he quickly settled in. Midnight now spends his days at his forever home, contently grazing with two Mustang buddies.

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  • Jasmine


    Jasmine, a precious little mare, came to SRER after being surrendered during a neglect investigation. She was quite thin upon arrival and quickly worked her way into our hearts with her sweet, willing personality. Jasmine spent a few months at SRER recovering from her emaciated condition. She responded well to the rain rot and thrush treatments that she also desperately needed. Jasmine's days are now carefree. She spends all of her time grazing at a lovely farm with 5 other mares.

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  • Jessie


    Jessie came to SRER on a very cold, snowy day after being surrendered to animal control officials in a neglect case. She had been used as a broodmare in her younger days. As you can see from the photo, her ribs and spine were very pronounced even with her winter coat. She also had a horrible case of rain rot with oozing and bleeding sores covering her back. After gaining a significant amount of weight and receiving much needed veterinary care, Jessie went to live with a kind family who will care for her for the rest of her life.

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  • Wynonna


    Wynonna, a sweet young mare, was brought to SRER by animal control officers after she was found running loose in the county. Numerous efforts to locate her owners were unsuccessful. Officers suspect that she was turned loose by owners who could no longer afford to feed and care for her. She spent several weeks at SRER to put on weight, as well as, receive much needed veterinary and farrier care. She was adopted by a wonderful family with tons of horse experience. We are so grateful that Wynonna has found a loving and permanent home.

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