Success Stories

  • Chester


    Chester was seized in a large cruelty case several months ago. He is a very friendly gelding that is almost 4 years old. He is easy to handle and is good for the farrier. He will need training if he is to be ridden. Please contact us if you are interested in giving this sweet boy a permanent home.

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  • Bonnie


    Bonnie is a 5 or 6 year old Standardbred/Appaloosa cross who was seized along with her 27 pasture mates in a huge animal cruelty case. We are happy to announce that Bonnie has been adopted by a super nice lady with tons of horse experience. A huge thanks to Whitney and Kathryn for their help with this sweet mare.

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  • Bay Pony

    Bay Pony

    This little bay pony was seized along with 27 of his pasture mates. He is young and has likely had little handling. He was recently castrated and relocated to his adoptive home. His adopters are very experienced horse people who will provide him with the kind training he deserves.

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  • Gracie


    Gracie, a gorgeous Percheron, was one of 28 equines seized in a huge cruelty case. She has gained weight and is looking much better. This sweet girl was adopted by a lovely family with tons of horse experience. They will do a great finishing her rehabilitation.

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  • Belle


    Belle, a beautiful 20 year old Belgian mare, was seized in a cruelty case in Lauderdale County. The veterinarian assigned her a body condition score of 2 when she was rescued. She has gained lots of weight but it will take several more weeks before she reaches her optimal condition. We are pleased to report that she has been adopted by a great family and will live out her days on their farm.

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  • Taffy


    Taffy aka Hemmie McDodge is a super handsome and curious TWH gelding. He was seized by authorities in a large cruelty case. His generous foster has decided to give this lucky boy a forever home. We are so happy for him!

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  • Calvin


    Calvin is a handsome yearling Paint that was seized in cruelty case. We suspect he had not been handled prior to that. His foster family has done a tremendous job with him. He will require an experienced adopter who will continue their work to help him become a calm and confident horse.

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  • Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae is a sweet 15 year old mare. She was seized in a cruelty case a few months back but is now ready for adoption. We have been told that she is a Spotted Saddle Horse but we know nothing about her training. We hope to have her evaluated by a trainer soon.

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  • Molly1


    Molly is ready for adoption. She is an 11 year old Spotted Saddle Horse mare that was seized a few months back. She will require an experienced adopter to gain her trust. We do not know if she has been ridden but hope to have her evaluated by a trainer soon.

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  • Luke


    Great News! Luke has been adopted. We just received word that his new family is very happy with this sweet boy!

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